Cannot get mower motor to fire up. Ignition issues?


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Cannot get mower motor to fire up. Ignition issues?

I have an old Toro Delux Pow-R-Drive push mower with (I think) a Tecumseh 4-stroke motor, but I am not 100% sure how to confirm make or model number. It came with electric start but has long since been switched to pull start. Up until last year, it used to run well and start easily. It got progressively worse until it just died on me and I parked it.

Recently I became motivated to get it going again. I did some of the basic stuff:

- Pulled off the carb, cleaned it (it was in pretty good shape still).
- Cleaned the air filter.
- Drained and replaced the gas.
- Replaced the spark plug.
- Could feel air pressure cranking it without the spark plug inserted.
- Checked oil (dark but not too low)

Because I was getting exhausted pull starting it, I actually hooked up a socket on my drill to the pulley on the flywheel for simpler cranking.

I think the fuel side of things is ok, because I get gas in the carb bowl right away, and the priming sounds fluid-y. As well, after a bit of cranking the end of the spark plug has visible gas on it.

As I was working on it, I noticed the ground wire from the iginition coil was not attached to anything. I don't know exactly when that came off. That should be grounded to the block, right?

The odd thing is, I did check for spark (ground the plug threads to the block and crank) and _if_ the coil ground wire is loose, it sparks good, but if the ground wire is connected, I get no spark. Huh? I am perplexed.

As I'm cranking it, I'll get some 'pops' like it's trying to fire up, but only maybe one pop for every 6 or 8 rotations. I've been trying it with manually adjusting the choke, pulling the air filter right off and all sorts of things, but no luck.

I would really appreciate some suggestions to fix or troubleshoot this, because I am out of my depth here, I think. It's just a learning experience, so there's no necessity for me to get it up and running immediately, but I also don't want to admit defeat.

Thanks in advance,
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Will it try to start if you put a little gas directly in the spark plug hole? Have a good one. Geo

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