craftsman 8hp snowblower stalls when choke is off


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craftsman 8hp snowblower stalls when choke is off

i just bought this snowblower:
i took the jet off under the float bowl, the smallest hole on the jet was clogged i cleaned it with carb cleaner and poked it with a needle. but when i went to put the bowl back on it doesnt hold the fuel, it starts to leak out.... does it matter which way the bowl goes cause i noticed one side of the bowl is deeper than the other?

also whats this wire hanging seems an old feature to start?
also where do i find the model of the motor?

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The float drops into the deeper part of the bowl. That's the orientation of the bowl to the float. There is a gasket around the bowl at the top to seal it from leaking. It may be a little off and allowing the leak.

The wire looks like the kill wire that, depending on the engine or application often is hooked up to the throttle to kill the engine in the last inch or so of travel of the throttle.

However, it looks like there is a separate ignition switch or should be. That being the case the wire wouldn't be connected to the throttle, but would run one side directly from the switch to the ignition module. Then the other side of the switch would go to ground to kill the engine.

If your engine still only runs off the choke, the carb needs more cleaning. I use Sea Foam a lot as a starting point. Then if I still have a problem, I take it apart to clean it.
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The fuel inlet (needle) valve is hung up. Shut the fuel off and take the bowl off again. The deeper side of the bowl goes on the opposite side of the carb, away from the inlet. Raise the float making sure the needle is in place and install the bowl. You should be able to review this procedure on youtube. Look for your numbers on or near the top of the blower housing. Should start with "HM80"

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