Older B&S 4HP: Only one governor spring?

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Older B&S 4HP: Only one governor spring?

MTD lawn mower
10A902-0171-01 4HP Quattro
Code 95111754

I recently did some work to my mower to get it running again, and during the course of this I noticed that it only has one governor spring instead of the two-spring setup I'm seeing in all the parts diagrams and youtube videos. It has the larger 'governor spring' but not the smaller 'governed idle spring'.

All of the replacement control brackets I can find show hookup points for the dual spring setup, as well. On my bracket, however, there's just a small bit of metal sticking up where the hookup point for the smaller spring should be. At first, I thought someone had gotten a little enthusiastic while bending the metal tab and broken it off, but upon close inspection the bracket seems to have been built this way. I can provide a picture this evening if it will help.

Every part list I could find for this model of engine listed both springs, and showed a control bracket with both hookup points, so I'm scratching my head.

My question is whether I have a defective bracket (and need a small spring), an older model engine which would benefit from having a small spring added, or if my setup is fine as-is.

I am also wondering how old this mower is, if anyone can tell from the code. Does the 95 mean 1995? This mower was a hand-me-down and looks to have been worked on several times.

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If you go to the briggs site and look at the list for part #209 you will see that the combinations of the code and type shows yours does not require a spring, however there is a bunch of them so I may have missed it. Have a good one. Geo

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