Looking To Buy Snowblower - Engine Size?


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Looking To Buy Snowblower - Engine Size?


I've been looking at purchasing one of these snow blowers; one has a 254cc and the other has a 291cc engine.

Product Comparison Page

Would 37cc make much of a difference between these snow blowers?

I would like to get the cheaper one, but if it's not going to perform well due to a smaller engine and I see if I can get the other one with a larger engine.

Thank you!
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What is it you have to clear and what kind of conditions?

I have an 8hp to clear about 2,000 ft² with a lot of snow and wind, which means a lot of drifts. My old man gets as much snow but his driveway is narrower (so about 1300 ft²) and it's much less windy at his house so the drifting doesn't happen and he gets by with a 5 hp nicely.
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Without digging, it appears that the more expensive model is 2" wider. A quick check of the product rating mag shows one model of Ariens - not one of your choices, as a best buy.
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I own a 1975 Ariens. 24 inch wide, and it had a 8hp Tecumseh 4 stroke motor on it. 2 seasons ago the motor was getting tired, so I put a 10 hp Tecumseh. I had to buy a new flywheel to get the electric start to work, but this rig does a great job....

I am a firm believer ..Bigger id better.....Ariens is a very reputable company....
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An 8 HP engine should do all you ask. I would not personally buy an Ariens. I would suggest you buy something with a Tecumseh Snow King engine -- even if you have to buy something used.
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It's interesting that Ariens provides a more lengthy warranty on the cheaper model.

Though I'm from Wisconsin, I've forgotten how cold it got there . . . . (not nearly as cold as it gets here); but I've certainly come to appreciate the heated hand-grips that were standard on my White Outdoor Equipment (MTD) Unit. Are they on one or the other (or both) of the Ariens ?

Also, make sure you get a real DipStick !
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Thanks for the replies!

I'm located in NJ/NY area; so the snow varies throughout the year from 3 to 12+ inches.

Not sure about the sq/ft. but I basically have to snow blow a 2 car wide garage driveway that is also pretty long to the street, and also a path to my front door...no sidewalks which is a plus!

Yeah, I like the Ariens brand; so far from reading reviews online everyone seems to give them good reviews.

I'll also check out "Tecumseh Snow King engine" to see what type of reviews these have. Any other brands I should be looking at that is better than Ariens?

Does anyone know how to convert CC to HP to see what HP a 254CC and 291CC engine have?

No, the Ariens model I'm looking at now doesn't come with heated hand grips but I think they offer this in a more expensive model. But I don't think I will need this feature as it doesn't get that cold where I would need them.

Thank you!
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Actually, this Yard Machines (MTD) one doesn't look bad either. The price is good and it comes with a 357cc engine instead of the 254cc/291cc enigne in the Ariens models I posted.

Yard Machines 30 in. 357 cc Two-Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower-31AH65FH700 at The Home Depot

Is Yard Machines (MTD) a good brand?

I also see this Craftsman snow blower that looks good too, but I was never a big fan of the Craftsman brand; do they make good snow blowers?


Looking at this Troy-Bilt one too:


Which one would you recommend; Troy Bilt, Ariens, Craftsman, or Yard Machine?

Thank you!
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[QUOTE]Which one would you recommend; Troy Bilt, Ariens, Craftsman, or Yard Machine?[QUOTE]

Troy built if you must. But a Cub Cadet is worth the price and is much better quality. Stay away from the Ariens.

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