Don't use boat motor mix?


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Don't use boat motor mix?

While fiddling around with a garage-sale chainsaw I downloaded and read the old manual. In it I was surprised to read the caution NOT to use BIA marine oil/gas mix in the saw because it doesn't have the necessary additives for an air-cooled engine.
I've never seen a warning like this and have been running my chainsaws, trimmers and outboards off the same 40:1 mix of synthetic marine oil/gas for years.

Can this cause damage. .. or is this an obsolete warning that's not true for modern marine oils?
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I have heard the same thing, and long-term it may make some kind of difference. I haven't known of any problems caused by using it, but who knows. I'm sure the formulation is different, since air cooled engines run hotter.
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Just happened to have my Poulan handbook on my desk. It says " -- mixed with a good quality synthetic 2 cycle air cooled engine oil ---". A few sentences later it says" DO NOT use automotive or boat oil". Book and saw circa 2006.

I have also used 2 cycle oil in all 2 cycle engines when I still ran an outboard motor, but now follow the rules.
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My opinion is that it is not too difficult to store another container of oil. I have 10W30 synthetic for my lawn tractor and lawn mower. 2 stroke oil for my 2 stroke weed whacker and 2 stroke oil for my outboard. I have some 5W20 for my car and I also have outboard gear oil and chainsaw oil. In the end, you are going to have a fairly large number of different types of oil, so you have to know what you are using the oil for and grab the right one. Not too difficult. I have never grabbed the wrong oil and if you have, it is not the oils fault.

The 2 stroke air cooled oil is not any more expensive then the outboard oil and all of them will last a really long time (I know my expiry date will come before my oils and I am 49). So I would suggest you use the recommended oil.
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Oil Life isn't the issue -- it's the shelf life of the gas. A gallon of gas for just chainsaws and trimmer could last me years so I like to use the boat mix because it's fresh.

Jeez I thought I had a PLAN. Even bought a Lawn Boy 2 cycle mower so I would only need to keep one type of gas on hand.
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I always add stabil to my 2 cycle gas if I think it might be awhile before I use my chainsaws again ..... but I can't imagine ever being able to hang onto a gallon of any type gas for a year - I must have too much to do

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