Yard Machines MTD Tire Repair Help


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Question Yard Machines MTD Tire Repair Help


I have a 2 stage 5.5hp 22" Yard Machine MTD Xtreme Auger. Last winter one tire went flat and came off the rim. I couldn't get it back on because it is a tubeless tire. I took the one tire off but am unsure if I am supposed to buy a whole new tire, or if there is a way to fix the tire I have.

Here are some pictures of the snowblower. I want to get this taken care of before snow starts falling here . Any help is appreciated.

i61.tiny pic.com/2mq6ip2.jpg

i59.tiny pic.com/dvq24z.jpg

i62.tiny pic.com/sncsa0.jpg

You have to remove the space between tiny and pic because it won't let me post the pictures.
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Why did the tire go flat? unless the tire got destroyed running off of the rim it can be repaired and reinstalled on the rim. You can use a tube on a tubeless tire if need be.
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I looked at your pics. Unfortunately none show the bad tire or rim.

If you feel unsure of your skills in remounting the tire, take it and the rim to a small engine ( lawn mowers etc.) store and they can remount it. If you want to have at it and have a few pry bars or large screwdrivers, we can walk you through it. I am curious as to how it worked itself off of the rim.
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If I remember correctly I think it came off the rim when I was snowblowing.

Sorry here is a picture of the tire off the rim.

i57.tiny pic.com/15da1ic.jpg

I have large screwdrivers, but no prybar. I'd be glad to give it a shot if you can walk me through it.
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Looks like you simply ran in under inflated, and I would doubt that there is anything else wrong with the tire. Do you have an air compressor? If so, lightly coat the inner rim with liquid soap, let the tire relax so that it is against the rim, as you want to have as little space as possible for air to escape, and try inflating it. If you're lucky, it will pop right back in place. If not, your local lawn mower shop or tire store can have it back on in short order. Then just remember to keep it inflated to the proper pressure, and remember that the pressure inside the tire will drop with the temperature, so check it each time you use it.
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When the tire doesn't want to set the bead, I'll take a belt or rope and tighten it up around the middle of the tread as I inflate the tire so the bead will pop in place.
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I have old-fashioned "tubes" in the front tires of all my riding mowers, snowblower, and the wheelbarrow. No more broken bead issues due to ruts.

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