Craftsman Tiller Flooding Thanks!

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Craftsman Tiller Flooding Thanks!

Hi, Everyone! I'm new to the forum so this is my first post. I would like to say that i work on lots of equipment in a small town in Texas around Hereford and Amarillo. I love advice and learning new things about machines big and small. Still an amateur obviously. Alright, I'll cut to the cheese.
I have a Craftsman tiller model : 917. 296020 with a 5hp Intek B&S model : 060117fd40621. When one of my neighbors brought this to me he told me the guy he bought it from for 70 bucks said it ran but the spark plug broke off in the thread on the head. My neighbor took it to a previous person before me. That person took it out and replaced it and then rebuilt the carb, adjusted valves and adjusted the throttle linkage. But he said it wouldn't start. i pulled the spark plug to check for spark. Ignition system seemed well. I pulled the gas line off to check fuel flow (It does have flow and a fuel regulator shut off valve.) I had the air filter off. I decided to pull on the cord a few times. My neighbor also mentioned that the last guy said compression was good. while i was pulling on it i could not feel the compression stroke. it was like a sticky straight out pull. I thought maybe the exhaust valve was stuck open so I pulled the valve cover and it was closed. I pulled the cord a few times and observed the valve movements and it all seemed okay. I decided I was going to adjust valves again while i was in there and when I set it to TDC the exhaust valve was open. I then cracked the side cover off and looked at the cam. It was way off. (sabotage?) I reset the cam and put it all back together and it started right up but died after a few seconds. Then I saw fuel flowing out of the filter. I cleaned the carb and float mechanism and started it up. it ran for a couple of minutes and then did the same thing. I had already had a brand new carb in the box ordered a few days earlier. I snapped the new one on and it ran for a few minutes and then did the same thing. Then I cleaned it and the fuel tank and put FRESH gas in. I also bent the flange on the float up. I started it up and ran it for 30 minutes. Alternating between high and low throttle. All was good. I turned the fuel switch off and let it die to make sure no fuel was left in it and shut the shop down for the night. I started it this morning and it ran for 2 minutes then flooded out again! All help is appreciated, thank you. -Cade
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Sounds like you still had some trash in the tank-fuel line or cut-off valve, I wouldn't think a new carb would have a bad float needle valve assembly this soon.

Give it another cleaning and let some of that fresh fuel run through the hose and valve at the carb then try again.

Good Luck

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