John Deer L120 rider won't turn over


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John Deer L120 rider won't turn over

I received a used john deer rider in 2013. Since i bought it, it would have starting issues periodically. Usually it would fire right up. Sometimes i would turn the key and nothing would happen so i would keep trying until it would start, which it would do.

Last fall i would try starting it and seemed like the gas was not getting to the engine. It would turn over just fine but not fire. I would try until the battery died. I waited until spring and my neighbor blew out the fuel line. It started and mostly no problems other than the periodic times of nothing happening when i turned the key.

Now that the temps dipped like last fall, it turned over and would not start. I blew out the fuel line and replaced the fuel filter. Even after i charged the battery it turns over slowly. I replaced the battery and of coursed wired the terminals backwards and tried to start it. Clicked and then nothing. I replaced the blown fuse and turned over slowly. Replaced the solenoid and no difference. I used a jumper from positive terminal to starter and nothing. Now even witha charged battery all i get is clicking when i try it.

Seems like there maybe mutiple issues here but i cant get the darn thing to turn over. Any assistance is very appreciated!

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The clicking is from the solenoid = low voltage = poor charge from the battery/corroded terminals/or loose connections.

With the direct wire from the battery to the starter and getting nothing would direct you to a bad ground connection or the positive cable connection to the battery.
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Get a set of jumper cables and connect the positive to the terminal on the starter and the negative to the case of the starter. If it spins fine, you know you have connection problems. If it does not, you either have a bad battery or bad starter. A battery that shows full charge isn't necessarily any good. If the battery is 2 years old or more, I'd put my money on it being bad.

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