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From the little research I've done, I have found that the problem for a John Deere mower with Kawasaki engine and no spark might be the Igniter module.
This is not a cheap part.
Is there any way to test mine before yanking it out?

Thanks for any thoughts/suggestions
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The most common answer you find here is - you're probably right on the igniter and no there's not a good way to test it.

The best test I know of is to replace it with a known good one. Oddly enough you find that in a lot of shop manuals covering a number of electronic parts.
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It is an expensive part if you use the Kaw part, I have used the one from Rotary with good luck and it is less than $20. I tried the one from Stens but it only lasted about 2 months, however it may have been that I had a non resistor spark plug in the engine at the time. I read somewhere that non resistor spark plugs can cause problems with the igniter. Back when,lol, I remember hearing the ignition through the radio of my car with non resistor plugs so I guess it can have an effect on the igniters. Have a good one. Geo

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