Troy Bilt pressure washer hard to pull


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Troy Bilt pressure washer hard to pull

I have a 2012 TB2800XP pressure washer, 190cc B&S engine. It starts on first pull when cold, but when it runs and heats up and I shut it off it is impossible to pull start again until it cools. Plenty of oil, always drain pump between uses, running marine gas. Any ideas?
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The unloader valve is probably sticking, try holding the wand trigger while starting to see if it makes any difference. Have a good one. Geo
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The built-up pressure in the wand is what makes pulling the rope hard. It eventually bleeds off.
Next time put one of those small brass valves on the end of the water hose so you can turn it off, squeeze the wand trigger to release the pressure, then start. Turn the water flow back on & go about your work ;-)
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If you use that method you need to make sure you can immediately turn the water back on as that is what cools the pump. IMO it's not a big deal to hold the trigger down with one hand and pull on the rope with the other.
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Well, that worked. I heated it up, shut it down, and wouldn't pull. I cocked the squeeze lever open and it cranked right back up.

It's strange that it's just started acting up after using it for 2+ years. I have noticed too that now the engine seems to want to bog down while it's running, not while spraying but when the wand is not depressed.
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That's because the unloader valve is not opening. The high pressure pump is always working when the engine is running. Normally when you stop spraying the unloader valve opens to relieve the pressure in the pump. When the valve does not open the pump is still trying to push water but it has nowhere to go so there is a lot more resistance. Eventually something may pop under the extreme pressure so avoid running the engine when you are not spraying.
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Remove and clean or replace the unloader valve. Have a good one. Geo

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