Kohler Command Pro Running Rough


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Kohler Command Pro Running Rough

Hi all, i need some assistance / advice here. This problem has been ongoing for more than a week. I have a CH750-0005 Horizontal Drive, Kohler command Twin 30HP w/ 55 Hrs (1 year old engine)

We had stored the engine for 5 months. Upon trying to start we
realized the engine was running rough. We decided to clean out the
carb. Removed it, cleaned re-assembled. Seemed to run good after the
cleaning. We then wired a running 12v light to the battery terminals
on a 2 battery switch. Upon attempting to use the Kohler it was
running very rough, will only run with the Choke engaged, and will not
go higher than 2000RPM without sputttering out completely. With choke
OFF it will hardly run at all.

Took apart the Valves cleaned excess carbon, nothing major here.
Removed carb again, cleaned it very carefully including Solenoid, and
Float valve sleeves etc. Still running rough. We connected a
multimeter to the battery cable, and were we used to get 13.4V from
that cable (running) and 12.4 shut down. Now we only have 12.4 running
or not. Im thinking we may have some type of electric, rectifier
issue? Is it possible we shorted something out connecting that 12
LIght to the battery switch? Will the engine react in this way if the
Rectifier is busted, or does this seem like a electrical issue to you?
Or must be some other fuel related issue like the fuel pump might be
jammed up or gone bad?

Any suggestions?

Mr Cutter

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If it's not charging, the anti-backfire solenoid may not work properly. Disconnect the lights & re-try. Maybe the lights draw more current than the alternator makes.... Just a thought,,, Roger
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Copy that I have unplugged the light (very small LED 1W), same issue. Solenoid seems to move freely, think its possible to remove the PIN from the solenoid to see if that is the issue? Note* upon increasing RPM i can see voltage does increase slightly so there must be some charging happening. Thank you for the assist!

Mr. Cutter - Rob
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If choke helps it to run, then it's a fuel/carburetor problem still. The engine doesn't care if it's charging or not as long as it has battery power to turn on the fuel solenoid and run the ignition if it has a SAM module.
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Thanks for the advice, Issue resolved, took apart the carb again in search of any fuel issues, found some varnish on the sleeve walls preventing the proper movement of the float. Running good now.

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