B&S Walbro carbs - needle seat replacement


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Cool B&S Walbro carbs - needle seat replacement

I have a problem with fuel inlet needle valve seats. Seems that replacing does not cure the leak problem, except like 20% of the time...

The problem is on those 5-7 HP lawn mower engines..

I clean the booger then re insert the seat and it seems fine then starts leaking.. is it that I am getting bad parts or not seating it firmly enough.

is there a video posted anywhere that explains the how to's of success onthis carb>

thanks in advance for any answer

aka TonyDiNausia
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I have them leak once in a while but not 80%. A couple things. I clean the needle/seat chamber with a dry Q-tip first. I put a drop of oil on the seat to lubricate it so it slides into the chamber easily. Next, there is a groove in the rubber seat. The groove has to face down when you are installing it into the chamber. I use a 1/8" long pin punch and push down on the seat making sure it is firmly seated in the chamber. I do this all around the seat. I then install the needle and float making sure the float is at the correct height.
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Make sure your float is not "gasslogged). I have run into this many times and have drained and repaired many.
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I do what jl66redcpe said. Sometimes the bore where the seat goes has corrosion that can scrape the new seat or cause it to not seal or fit flush in the bottom. Then oil the seat and put it in groove side toward the carb. I don't have many problems with this.
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thanks all... I think my mistake is not being as cleanlyness minded on that chamber... also the walls of the chamber... I have 4 of these puppies that leak so next week I will try these suggestions..

again, thanks..

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