White Snow Blower wheels turning hard

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White Snow Blower wheels turning hard

I have a White 8HP snowblower that is roughly ten years old. It starts up great every year and I have never had any problems with this machine at all.

Last week I was getting it out to get it ready for winter and I noticed the wheels turned really hard when moving it forward or backward. I was doing this without the engine running just moving it around the garage. It seems to act normal when I have the engine running and put it in gear and use it as I was snowblowing holding the handle down to self propel.

It feels like so something isn't lubricated where the wheels rotate. Although I can't tell if it is coming from the wheels themselves or possibly a shaft in the center. Honestly I haven't taken any panels on the lower part of the snowblower to look around.

I thought I kept up with the regular scheduled maintenance, but maybe I have been missing something on the lower parts?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
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Yeah there are things that need attention on the drive part of your blower. Stand the blower up on the bucket, and remove the cover plate. There are chains and axels under there. Put the shifter in neutral,and rotate the wheels in ether direction. You should see a couple of chains, and shafts moving and rotating. Where the ends of the shafts go up,or through bushings [bearings]. Those spots need a couple of drops of just about any kind of oil. If you still have your manual, it will be helpful. If not you could google your model's model #, and you should be able to find something helpful. Basically anything that moves should be lubricated. Just keep the drive plate and the rubber disc clean. It's a goof idea to take the spark plug wire off before you do any work.

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