Thoughts on snowblower idle? (video)


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Question Thoughts on snowblower idle? (video)

This is my 17 year old Tecumseh powered snowblower, used a dozen times or less per year, I've tried to drain the carb each year but for the last couple years I couldn't run it without the choke partially on, and prepping it for this winter it really didn't want to stay running, even after a new plug, oil and halfassed carb cleaning. Instead of rebuilding the carb I bought a new one for $15, now it runs much better. But it still hunts around with the choke off, runs a touch better with the choke slightly on. Maybe I'm expecting too much or haven't run it long enough, any thoughts based on the video? It looks like I have one adjustment screw, the original carb had no such option.

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Trying to run it with the old gas in it?
Tried adding some Sea Foam in the gas?
Been using ethanol gas? Find a place that sells nonethanol or at least add an additive that counter acts the effects of it.
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It's running slightly lean. See that black cap behind the metal bracket on the side of the carb facing the camera? Pop that off and there is a tiny jet behind it. Unscrew it and poke a tiny wire through it to clear it out good. My guess is either something is interfering with that jet or the jet is a hair too small. Passing a torch tip cleaner through it a time or two would probably make all the difference.
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It is older 10% ethanol gas, probably six months old with stabil in it. I'll get some fresh gas tomorrow and give it a go, then try cleaning the jet.

Thanks for the suggestions.
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That same little jet (?) caused me some serious surging issues after only 4 or 5 years. It was almost completely blocked with a whitish cakey deposit.

Simply cleaning it out with a small wire caused that carb to straighten up and fly right !

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