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Briggs and Stratton 16 HP twin opposed stumbles and dies at high speed

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01-05-15, 09:50 AM   #1  
Briggs and Stratton 16 HP twin opposed stumbles and dies at high speed

I have a Heald Hauler, an early UTV, built in the very early 1980s. It has a 16 hp model 402417 Briggs engine. This is an opposed twin. The engine starts quick and easy and idles fine. It runs at low to mid speeds fine as well, but advance the throttle to high speed and it stumbles and dies as if it is running out of fuel. Plugs have been cleaned and gapped. The carb has been cleaned and rebuilt with new parts. The built in fuel pump in the carb has been rebuilt and seems to work fine. New fuel lines and filter have been installed. New fuel (premium grade) has been installed. The pulse line from the crankcase to the fuel pump is now new. The same problem with stalling out at high speed is in evidence. Oh....air cleaner is not the problem....that is not currently installed.

I have run out of things to try.....does anybody have any ideas. Briggs and Stratton won't help....all they want to do is send me to a service center....what they're really doing is sending me to Honda!

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01-05-15, 12:04 PM   #2  
I'm not familiar with Briggs opposed engines. Is it overhead valve?

Funny you mentioned Honda. I've pulled the Briggs engine out of my Gator XUV 550 and replaced it with a Honda.

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01-05-15, 12:06 PM   #3  
Did you replace the diaphragm in the fuel pump?

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01-05-15, 04:33 PM   #4  
You bet I replaced all of the internal parts of the pump. Including gaskets, diaphragm, springs and valves......the carb also get all new parts except the float...which was undamaged and did not leak.

Clear evidence that the pump works and works properly is a rapid start up from a completely dry carb and pump to running in very little cranking.....is short, it works....and the engine starts quickly, idles well and runs fine up to mid-range RPMs.....just won't continue to run at high RPMs.....that's the puzzle.

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01-05-15, 04:38 PM   #5  
This is approximately a 1980 engine and is called an L head some call these flat heads too.....definitely not an overhead valve engine. My Honda comment is not that I have concluded that Briggs and Stratton engines aren't good.....I've used them for 50 years and more......and have gotten great service. It comes from my frustration with getting no help to speak of from B&S. I'll push it and have started doing so already......will go right to the top if nothing is forthcoming fairly quickly. If the person at the top cares.....things will happen.....if they don't they are going sharply downhill.

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01-05-15, 05:50 PM   #6  
A Heald Hauler uses a boat fuel tank mounted in one of the side baskets. A fuel starvation problem can come from the flex line collapsing, the fuel strainer on pickup tube in tank becoming gummed from gas deterioration, tank vent not being open or clogged (not allowing air in), just for a few suggestions.

Clean all the above mentioned items and be sure they are working properly according to design. Somewhere in the process surely you will discover the problem.
Have the remains of an '81 model out on fencerow. It saw severe use for several years.


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01-05-15, 11:01 PM   #7  
Did you clean the main jet and the area behind it? You can remove it through the drain plug hole.

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01-06-15, 02:10 AM   #8  
How's the Governor on that unit supposed to function ?

It sounds like it is out of adjustment and suppressing the engine speed prematurely.

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01-06-15, 05:07 AM   #9  
No Fast Engine Speed

Check the muffler for obstructed exhaust path. Spark arrestor?

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