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Homelite 150, No spark, how do I test the coil and condenser?
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Check that the inside of the saw is not caked with sawdust. I have a similar saw and problem. Pulled the housing off and found that sawdust had compacted around the magnets. Cleaned it up and now it runs.
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Hello Don and welcome to the Do It Yourself Web Site and my Small Engine forum.

It's a good idea to cleanout the starter housing. A buildup of wood shavenings and sap can get between the flywheel and the magneto, causing a loss of spark.

Another possibility to check is a dead spark plug. Replace the existing one with a new one gapped correctly per the owners manual instructions.

Also be sure the KILL switch isn't still grounded when it's in the "ON" or "RUN" position. This test can easily be done with a continuity checker or ohm meter.

If all this fails to start the engine and you need to access the points and condenser, use extreme caution attempting to PULL the flywheel off. A special flywheel puller is needed. Failure to do this correctly using the correct tools can break the flywheel.

I doubt you will have the coil testing equipment needed to accurately test a coil in a home repair shop. However, the coil can be tested at any small engine repair facility.

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