Toro 726 snow blower meets soccer net...


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Toro 726 snow blower meets soccer net...

When clearing the driveway today I accidentally went over a soccer net which was, apparently, laying near the edge of the driveway under the snow. It's now wrapped around the auger pretty well.

I know to be extremely careful, but is this something I should even attempt to fix as a novice? Or should I call in a professional. I don't even know how to disengage the auger to ensure that it doesn't suddenly spin on me...

Thanks for any thoughts.
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By "suddenly spin on me", I assume you mean start running, so make sure that the clutch is disengaged, i.e. the lever(s) in the neutral position, remove the key if so equipped, and pull the spark plug wire. After that, you will just have to start cutting and pulling out the pieces until you are certain that you have it all.
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Actually, I meant that there might be built-up 'tension' on the blades, and that as the net got freed, the blades may spin (not that the machine would start running).
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Yes, you should be cautious of built up tension that could cause it to "snap" or move. In addition to the steps aka pedro mentioned to make sure the engine can't start I would first poke and pry on the auger with a board. Try to get it to move back and forth even a little bit that would allow you to determine if it's under any tension. If you are unsure that it's safe you can use a reciprocating saw or hand saw to cut the rope or a propane torch to burn through it while keeping your hands out of the arc of the auger blades. If it does snap under tension it should only move a little bit and will just smack the saw.

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