Trickle or Float charger?


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Trickle or Float charger?

Need one or the other for my riding lawn mower battery. The battery isn't dead but I do want to get it on something before it does die. What's the difference and which is better for this application. thanks!
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There are no hard and fast rules but generally a trickle charger will flow a certain amperage into the battery at all times, hopefully enough to counteract the self-discharge characteristics of the battery. A float charger will operate at a specific voltage to maintain the battery but it may maintain it at slightly less than the maximum charge.

I would look for a unit that is called a float or maintainer charger. Harbor Freight sells a couple and I have seen similar units in the tools section of both Lowes and Home Depot. Prices run from a low of about $6 on sale to about $30 at the high end.
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Schumacher or Battery Tender Jr., both from Wally World are popular with the motorcycle crowd.
Either one should be under $25.
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Hey Guys,
Thanks for the help!

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