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Craftsman Snowblower- GAS LEAK!

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02-07-15, 08:52 PM   #1  
Craftsman Snowblower- GAS LEAK!

Craftsman Snowblower- Model #944.520620

We just put gas into our snowblower for the first time this season, and when we tried to start it didn't start. Almost half the gas leaked.

After a couple of days we tried to figure out where the gas was leaking from and there was no gas leaking from anywhere! The engine was running fine and the machine started up normally.

So we were wondering if there is something wrong with our snowblower and what we should do about it. What is the problem if there is one?

Thanks in advance for reading and replying.
Feeling stressed about the snowy days which are approaching.

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02-08-15, 05:02 AM   #2  
First, check the oil level in the engine. The float and needle valve in the carburetor was probably stuck and fuel drained down from the tank and past the carburetor. Sometimes that gas makes it into the cylinder and seeps past the rings and into the crank case dilluting the oil. If your oil level is high drain it and replace with fresh oil.

Does your snow blower have a fuel shutoff valve? If so make sure you turn it off when you are not using the blower.

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02-08-15, 05:24 AM   #3  
What PD says. But not only check the oil level, check it's consistency. Is it watery or very diluted? Does it have a gasoline smell to it? If this is a brand new unit, then take it back for a replacement. Most likely no harm was done and it's not broken, but it is a new unit and you should not have any doubts about it being in perfect condition the first time using it.


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02-08-15, 09:46 AM   #4  
You probably had some gummy residue from the last years fuel somewhere either at the needle valve or the float pivot causing the fuel to leak through the carb. After the present fuel you installed soaked the area the float of needle valve loosen up so the leak stopped. Check you oil level in the engine to see that you did not get some gas in the crankcase. The current fuels have some cleaners in them that will take care of any minor problems such as this. Just keep an eye on the gas for leaks so that it does not start leaking again. If so you will need to remove the fuel bowl and check the float and needle valve to see that they move freely and there is no dirt on the needle valve or needle valve seat which is also a soft material to help seal the gas inlet.

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