Older Ariens Engine Issues- 7hp Tecumseh engine


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Older Ariens Engine Issues- 7hp Tecumseh engine


I have a mid-70's Ariens. It was one of the years they offered the optional 36 inch deck because this one has it. It has the 7hp tecumseh engine on it. Looks like it's the original one that came with the blower.

What I've done:

Originally it shut down suddenly when I was snow blowing early this winter. It sounded like a clink when it shut down so I knew something worse than a fuel issue. Pulled off the flywheel to find out the bolt that holds on the assembly behind the flywheel snapped and destroyed the old coil/ points assembly. I replaced that, replaced the bolts, tightened everything thing up. I know I need to adjust the points because it has some weak spark starting issues but I can at least get it started with a few pulls and it'll finally catch.

The issue that I'm having is as follows:
1. Under load she starts to stall, this wasn't the case before the bolt issue, it chewed up snow just fine. After the issue I drained out the fuel so I wouldn't think it's the carb but I know anything is possible.

2. The exhaust has an oilish type of smell anytime I start it which wasn't there before the engine shut-down. It doesn't smell like a healthy running engine. It almost has the sound of a V8 when a valve is sticking slightly. Is this likely something caused by a bad engine? Could a bad head gasket/bad seal cause the under load near stalling? It seems to idle fine without load but the minute I engage the transmission or the auger you can hear the engine strain then throw in snow and it's no bueno, I need to wait anytime I put snow in the auger otherwise it sounds like it's going to stall.

If the engine is bad is there anywhere I could source an engine?

Please let me know, thanks!
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Since you were OK before the points issue, I would think in terms of getting the point gap set to .020 at widest gap and see how it runs. Everything you described could be connected to the point gap since timing and spark quality would be affected.
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40 years old and your still messing with it, hmm.
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Wanted to make a correction to my post, it's a 32 inch deck. Based on the 7hp and the optional deck I would put this at around 1970-72. It's built to last I guess.

I'll look into pulling it apart again and re-gapping the points/sanding the points. Right now it's too cold but if we get a warm enough day I will do so as we have so much snow here in Mass this year. It would be nice to have the 32 inch deck again.

Ok, if bad spark/timing might be the culprit I'll fiddle with it and report back.
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Rather than sand the points, use a file. The deep ridges in the points will promote future burning of them.
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Did you inspect the key when you pulled the flywheel? If not, I would go back and do that.

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