GX390: choke


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GX390: choke

I am trying to put the choke back in on GX390. Not really sure I am doing that correctly. The choke assembly is attached to the metal plate (please see the first picture, is that called intake elbow?) I inserted the metal choke pin into the choke lever on the carburetor.
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The first picture shows the choke closed. When I push the choke in (open), the choke plate in the carburetor does not open all the way (second picture). I can open it further manually, if I release it, it slowly half-closes again (please see the video). Questions, do you think this is how is should be, and why does it behave this way? Thanks.
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Just a guess, I discovered an assembly that is attached to the throttle pin, with a rubber hose going from that assembly to the carburetor. I am guessing it will open the choke once the engine is hot.

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