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Craftsman 6.6 Eager 1 917.377321 won't stary running

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03-24-15, 11:35 AM   #1  
Craftsman 6.6 Eager 1 917.377321 won't stary running

The only way I can keep this mower running is to take the air filter out and stuff a rag in and shut most of the air intake off. I can adjust the speed for the motor by adjusting the rag. It has a Tecumseh vector carb on it with the plastic bottom. According to serial number is a 1997 model. Last year I could keep in running by duck taping the primer bulb in. Do I need to replace the bottom part of the carb with that bowl kit I have seen posted (Tecumseh part# 730235B). Any help would be great...thanks

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03-24-15, 03:09 PM   #2  
The problem is the fuel supply, which you probably have figured out. What you have done with the rag in the intake is create a choke for the carb to compensate for a blockage or leakage in the circuit.

Check the gaskets and mating faces first by spraying WD40 or something like it around the carb gaskets while its running to see if the rpms change. That would indicate a vacuum leak.

I imagine it will be something like a bad primer bulb/check valve or something blocked in the carb. That would bring on the carb bowl kit with a good cleaning before installation,.

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03-24-15, 04:34 PM   #3  
Using ethenal fuel? Stop! Find a place the sells non Ethenal.
Far easier to just replace the whole carb, then try to rebuild that tiny carb.
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03-25-15, 05:28 AM   #4  
I took carb bowl off again last night a cleaned again. Did find a cracked gasket between primer bulb and carb. Couldn't get a new gasket last night so I tried some form a gasket. Inspected the primer bulb and did not see any cracks in it. Put it all back together but no improvement. I don't see any type of fuel filter on mower unless it is in the tank somewhere. I have noticed that I don't have a good flow of fuel when I take off the carb bowl drain screw on the side of the carb bowl. Some gas comes out but not like I would think it should be. I think it should have a gas filter somewhere. I guess I can add a inline one between tank and carb when I get it running again.

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03-25-15, 10:26 AM   #5  
Yes, I would say installing a new bowl kit should fix the problem.

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