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Evening. I have a few of these things around, a couple from 1980 or so, and one that I just "recycled" from my neighbor's garbage. His wife was like "Yea, take it" when I asked her this morning. Lol.

Here's the question(s):

1) On all of them, including the "new" one, there is a squealing noise when it is not under load. It seems to make the worst noise spooling down from full speed. What are your experiences of the causes? I am thinking that there are bushings/bearings inbetween the auger and the housing and they are worn. I will have to investigate further.

2) On the one today, I noticed the "trigger bar" is sticky. That is, depending on how I play with it, it would start. Any ideas? I am thinking of dismantling the handle and cleaning the contacts/checking the set up inside there to see if anything's amiss.

3) Any idea of online parts breakdowns besides what's in the owner's manual? They don't really show any "hard parts".

4) Any other recommeded services/parts you can think of, I will keep it in mind when I order up the parts for all of these units.

I have an e-mail into Toro to see if they can furnish this information.

Thanks for any thoughts...
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Hi: Joe

In reply to #1:
Does sound like your discribing a bearing squeal. There will be bears on both sides of the auger. There will also be thrust washers. Both these parts wear out. Parts may be difficult to find also.

In reply to #2:
Off hand I haven't got the foggiest idea.

In reply to #3:
I am not one whom relies on web sites for parts or service.

In reply to #4:
Service everything completely but do not interchange parts.

What you have collected is generally called a "Tinkering Mans Delite."... Have fun...
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Thanks. Will check it out and furnish input when I get more information.

This one is newer than the ones my family has owned, BUT carries the same model # and looks the same.

For the record, this is the same fellow that threw out that 1988 Craftsman lawn mower I recycled in 1998 and still use on my grandfather's property . A little cleaning and surfacing and it's good to go.

The Toro owner's manual outlines changes on the bearings and washers, so I'm sure it's a common occurence . Will review my manual in depth as well. Parts should be available for it, I would hope.

Thanks again.
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Talking Noise fixed :)

I thought I'd reply back as to my experiences with fixing these two things .

There are 4 of them in my family and the fourth one came the other day when I saw my neighbor tossing it out. I started on that one first to see. I figured if I messed it up, I had nothing to lose .

First up was the trigger bar. Took the handle apart and just replaced the parts back in order. Must have been out of place.

Went to the gear case and found the gears very dry...but there are traces of white lube from the factory. I took the case apart (4 Phillips screws) and lubed everything up. Put it all back together and walah, it was quiet .

Did the same for mine from 1980 that we've owned and took it apart twice to relube. Seems to have been about as quiet as I can remember in a long time. Now to do my uncle's and my grandfather's

Now for next season's snow..


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