Briggs straton engine wont start


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Briggs straton engine wont start

I have the engine BS 800 on a countyline tiller is 1 year old. only used 4 times. cranked up fine 3 weeks ago....and today nothing....changed gas to to be sure....still nothing....wont fire at all. Any help greatly appreciated....

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Power tools that get little use like that always have fuel issues.
Remove the bowl on the bottom of the carburator and see if it's full of water and trash.
If so it's time to remove, disassemble and clean.
While it's off see if fuels leaking out (it's supost to) lift the float to see if it completly shuts off.
Never use fuel more then 3 months old.
When storing at the end of the year let it run completly out of fuel.
Use nonethenal or at least add an additive to counter act the effects of it. (Stabol does not count)
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B&S Engine

How do you stop the engine when it is running?(on/off switch or grounding spark plug?)

Once cranked a chainsaw for 20 minutes before I realized the switch was in the off position.
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On your tiller do you get spark? If so is it a bright spark or a dim or weak spark? Also I Agree about the fuel, fuel goes bad after about a month, where you pick up your fuel you should add stabil fuel treatment Yellow Color (Ethanol Treatment) or Blue color (Marine)Spark Plug Gap should be about .025. With the Stabil added to the fuel should last All Season with No Problem, you can double treat the fuel with out a problem. Ethanol does absorb moisture ie. WATER, which WILL NOT BURN. Moisture also will also cause corrision and wreck aluminum. Good prevention carbs get expensive.

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If it is a weak spark, check switch in on and off position to see if you get spark and no spark if spark is weak in only on position check plug gap and plug wire is tight if so check wires on switch make sure connection is clean and tight, and if you can check air gap between coil/magneto and flywheel should be about .010 in. where magnet is on flywheel should be rust free and on coil/mag should be rust free. to check gap you need to use non magnetic feeler gauge ie. brass feeler gauge, or Tecumseh Power Air Gap Gauge Part # 670297. Hope this helps, if not, will try to help.

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