Kohler cv16 Craftsman tractor Non Starting issue


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Unhappy Kohler cv16 Craftsman tractor Non Starting issue

I have a no start trying to start issue. chug chug die kind of thing.

Clean fuel,
it has spark,
no change when I spray fuel into the carb,
I am a competent mechanic but this thing is making me nuts.

I picked up an extra SAM unit, (Spark Advance Modual) still there was no change.

I checked the Woodruff key just in case, it was fine.

I tested the coil, just in case it was sparking then not sparking, it appears to spark all the time.

I pulled the Carb and soaked it, I feel I have cleaned it through and through.

You cannot do a compression test on these as they have the low compression for start up on them

Spark Fuel, air, compression, what else would keep it from running?
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Maybe flooding? Have you tried a new plug?
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Is the Choke stuck shut . . . . or the Air Filter clogged ?

I'd remove the Filter for a moment and see if it starts without any air restriction.
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New situation

Still will not run right, but now it stars and stays running under choke, but at very low RPMs

When I move it out of choke to high speed or even lower speed it stalls and dies.

Gas is clean

I cleaned the Carb when I rebuilt it

Spark is new

I reset the controls back to specs

I left the air filter and cover off, so I can spray fuel in but nothing really changes.

I started to check the Relays, they are all working.

I have the magneto set to .011

I am a competent mechanic this thing is just making me nuts figuring out what the issue is.


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Cool Part of the problem was solved

It would try and start, hit miss hit hit miss miss miss hit miss hit.

I had already replaced; spark, checked the woodruf key, regapped and cleaned the Magneto, replaced the SAM unit (Spark Advance Modual), cleaned the Carb including a good soak-poke-blow, yet is still would do the same thing.

I tested the relays, looked for a bad ground, bad lead and after 3 days of looking for what was wrong. I discovered it was the new SAM unit I had replaced from the start. It now runs and starts well, I need to reset the controls back to the choke, high top end, and so on.

There is still something faulty causing a less than common loss of power. so there is still something loose or faulting out, but for now I am happy until what ever this is shows up.
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Have you checked the fuel flow coming from the fuel pump ?? I have had to replace a couple on Kohler's that acted like yours.
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Did you check the magnet on the flywheel? does it have a strong magnetic pull, sometimes the magnets do go bad. did you take the carb off the intake? Did you replace the gaskets? Did you play with the governor linkage (bend)? Is the fuel line in good shape? is the hose soft or hard and stiff? Is the breather hose soft?
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Did you check fuel flow from the fuel pump?

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