string trimmer won't work


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string trimmer won't work

I have a Ryobi corded string trimmer. Off-on switch quit working after I changed from edger to weedeater attachment. Might power for second or two then quits. Any ideas? Loose connection?
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Remove the switch & jump the wires. If it starts, it's the switch.
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How does power get to the edger head?
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Changing the head has nothing to do with the on, off switch.
Remove the head and see if it starts.
Far more likly it's a caberutor issue.
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Far more likly it's a caberutor issue.
Why would an ELECTRIC trimmer have a carburetor?
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This is a corded electric trimmer. The power gets to the attachments--edger, weedeater etc.--by a link where the attachment joins the power handle.
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It could be the connection where the attachment meets the power handle. If it's been connected and disconnected a number of times the socket could be worn and the power prongs are too loose to provide a reliable power source. If that's the case it should power on/off by working the attachment back and forth with the power switch on.

A worse case would be if the trimmer attachment is defective and the powering on/off is coming from the motor inside the trimmer.

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