2 new Husqvarna 125BVx blowers dies when ideling or giving throttle


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2 new Husqvarna 125BVx blowers dies when ideling or giving throttle

I just bought 2 new Husqvarna 125BVx blowers at separate times thinking the first one was defective.

Both dies out when idling sometimes (seems to me idle could go up a little) but always bogs down and dies when giving throttle unless you go really slow giving throttle then it will bog down but then usually recover and speed up the RPM's
It is warmed up and choke all the way open

I used exactly 1 gallon of new gas in a clean gas can for the oil that was provided with the blowers that stated it was for 1 gallon of gas.

Don't think so but, is this typical for these blowers to do this and you just have to give really slow throttle to get it to speed up?

I hate to take it in for repair and wait 4-6 weeks for them to fix it, for a new machine that should be working out of the box anyways.


Is there an easy adjustment I can do to get better throttle response and maybe have it idle a little faster?

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The carburator jets needs to be adjusted, it needs a special tool to do.
About a 5 min. fix at the repair shop.
I'm having the exact same issue with a hedge trimmer I just bought today.
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Our government has imposed such restrictions on emissions that the companies are making the engines run too lean and burning them up prematurely. The high speed mixture screw needs to be backed out just a hair so that the engine can get the fuel it needs. It's the one of two screws side by side on the carb that is closest to the air filter end of the carb.
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Thanks, I just ordered the tool and will give it a shot when it comes in.
Thanks again.

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