My LT 2000 tractor is dying...suspect coil ??


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My LT 2000 tractor is dying...suspect coil ??

My 2005 42" Craftsman LT2000 with 18.5 briggs n stratton intek engine is sputtering, then dying after 15 mins of mowing. If i let cool down it starts up and dies in 10 mins, and repeat With slower mow times, faster dying time.

Ive done all the steps including new oil/filter, spark plug, air filter, fuel filter, cleaned and checked grounds, bypassed/removed fuel filter, checked cap and ran it loose or off....nothing working. Ive also had valves adjusted and pulled and cleaned the carb.

Could this be a bad coil? If so does anyone know the one on amazon or elsewhere for my tractor?

Thank you, Mark

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Does it have spark when it won't start?
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Following what Cheese said. Next time you use the mover have the tools with you to quickly remove a spark plug (socket & gloves...). When it dies immediately remove a spark plug, clip the spark plug wire back on it and hold the tip of the plug against bare metal of the engine and turn the key to start the mower. If you don't see the plug sparking it's possible you have a bad coil. Early on they sometimes die when they got hot and will work again when they've cooled. Eventually it will die altogether. So, the key is to quickly check for spark while everything is still hot so don't forget the gloves.

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