Brass in K341 Kohler engine ?


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Brass in K341 Kohler engine ?

My neighbor has a Kohler K341 - 16 hp about like the one on my Wheel Horse and recently some brass filings have shown up in his oil. He was asking me about it and I can't place where brass would come from.

There is a brass bushing on the governor shaft, I believe. Anything on the crankshaft should be aluminum.

Any Kohler K series pros out there with a possibility?
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The governor shaft bushing is the only place I can recall there being brass in this engine.
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Are you certain he's seeing brass filings? Is this a new engine just having it's first oil change?

On airplane engines the filter gets cut open at every change to inspect the filter media for metal shavings and they are almost never seen. They will show up on an oil analysis where they're looking at the microscopic level but there is usually no metal visible. More often I see carbon or other bits that might be shiny but closer inspection shows that they are not metal.

Metal is sometimes seen in a new or freshly overhauled engine or it one is really pooping the bed. If there are visible metal particles something is generally going very wrong.
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Thanks Cheese. That's the only thing I could think of. We may just take the sump off and see if there's something coming apart. The thing runs really well no noise or anything that sounds like a problem.

Pilot: It's been a while since an overhaul and these are small particles - about what you'd get by sanding metal. A magnet doesn't pick them up and the way they glitter I have to say they're brass.

The thing that's odd is they have no texture at all. They're very small and you'd think if they were part of a metal shearing off you would be able to feel some of it. I wonder if they may be part of an oil additive or something along those lines. Just guessing.

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