Honda GW160 gas engin runs for 30 seconds and stops.

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Honda GW160 gas engin runs for 30 seconds and stops.

My fairly new Honda GW160 engin starts and runs OK for around 30 seconds and than stalls. To restart it I have to put the choke full on. I can run it roughly with the choke. When I try to accelerate its stalls and I have to wait a few minutes to restart it. I have cleaned the carburator and gas tank and the problem is not solved. It seems to be a fuel supply problem but maybe something else??
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Hello and Welcome andre290653 to the Do-It-Yourself Web Site and the Small Engine forum.

Problem description sounds like fuel starvation. Remove fuel line from carb and allow some fuel to run out into a pan for about 30 seconds or so. Flow should be full and continuous. If not then fuel line is restricted or plugged and/or air vent in fuel cap restricted and/or plugged up....

Another potential problem is fuel adjustment if there is one. Open fuel screw more while engine is running. Continue to open fuel screw slowly until first hint of black smoke appears out of exhaust. The readjust fuel screw slight closed until engine begins to stall. Half way open between both is about correct setting.

Once you obtain that setting engine should run smoothly at idle and accelerate without stalling providing all OK is okay. Be sure fuel shut off valve fully opened and fuel line and filter (if there is a fuel filter) are cleaned and or replaced as needed.

A few additional possibilities:

Check the air filter. A dirty, clogged or additional wet paper air filter can drastically restrict air flow causing an excessively rich fuel mixture, rough running, carbon buildup, fouled spark plugs and black exhaust smoke.

Also check the muffler for good exhaust flow. A damaged, overly rusted and or carboned up muffler may have internal damage causing an exhaust restriction.

Exhaust restrictions can cause several problems. Overall poor engine performance, excessive engine heat, failure to accelerate properly, hard starting, rough running and many more.

Engine overheating could be a factor. In order to remedy this problem, you'll need to verify there aren't any cooling air flow restrictions. Remove the starter housing cover off and clear out any debris under the cover, along the entire air flow to cylinder head fins etc.

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Check for fuel flow from the fuel pump (if you have one). A lot of complaints here are about ethanol fuel and the effect it has on rubber and neoprene components.

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