Craftsman gt 3000 uneven cut.


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Craftsman gt 3000 uneven cut.

Just bought a used craftsman gt3000 50 inch cut 3 blades. The center blade is cutting higher than the outside 2 slightly. Leaving a weird strip on the center.....any ideas??? Spindles have all been replaced. Blades are fairly new. Thanks!
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"Blades are fairly new" is a usually good but relative term, so the first place I would start is are they sharp? Have you had them off to make sure that there wasn't a gob of matted grass under one of them when the previous owner last put them back on? How is the shape of the deck around the blades? Any bad dings in it that might alter the air flow? Then I would look at the deck adjustments, i.e. level front to rear, left to right, and the condition and position of the gauge wheels. You will probably want the manual for the latter, and should be able to download it at, but you will probably need the model number, XXX.XXXXXX, which should be on a tag on the unit, and don't know, but may be a separate one on the deck itself.
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I'm going to pull the center blade off tomorrow. It has me stumped. Blades have less than a season on them. Both outside blades cut fine. Middle leaves slightly higher. Weird.
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The middle blade is father in front of the other two. Because of this, if the front of the deck is higher than the rear, the center blade will cut higher. To determine if it's the deck level or a blade problem, turn the blade tips towards each other as if you were trying to make them hit each other. Check to see if they are at the same level with each other. If so, it's an adjustment broblem.

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