John Deere 185 engine rebuild


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John Deere 185 engine rebuild

I am being to give some thought to rebuilding the Kawasaki FC540V-BS00 this coming winter - planning well in advance. The engine starts and runs fine but blows blue smoke for several minutes. I am guessing that once the engine begins to warm up the piston expands a bit and the smoke disappears. Today I was down at the dealer purchasing a part for the deck lifting mechanism that failed. When I asked if an over sized piston and rings were still available. Several pistons were listed at +.025, +.050, and +.075, as well as rings but none were still available through the dealer.

So my question involves parts availability. Does Kawasaki still sell parts for this engine? If no, are their other suppliers of quality parts? Do I need to keep my eyes open for decent used motor?
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You might try changing the vavle stem seals and make sure the valve cover is not dripping on the exhaust.

Otherwise, I would expect the cylinder to be within specs since these engines don't often show a lot of wear and a honing and re-ring will likely take care of the problem. Only inspection will tell for sure. I believe OEM rings are stil available.
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Valve seals are certainly a possibility but oil on the exhaust manifold is not the problem. I just checked and the exhaust is dry. The engine only blows out smoke on a cold start; never on a warm start. If it was a valve cover leak the smoke would start after 30 to 60 seconds as the exhaust heated up and started to burn off the oil. The blue smoke begins the instant the engine fires. The tractor started smoking years ago but would only last for a minute or so. The previous summer and this summer, the smoke is evident for at a much longer period of time. The length of time the smoke is apparent is based on how long the tractor sits. If it sits for a week it smokes for around 3 minutes. If it sits for two weeks, then it smokes for maybe five minutes.

The more I type and think about the conditions I am talking myself into just trying the valve seals. Cheaper and easier to do. And, if it does not work I will know its the rings.
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I agree with cheese and easy enough to check. While you have the head off just see if there is any ridge and or scoring in the cylinder, if not, I would hone and go back with same size rings.

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