John Deere LA 175 Starting Problem


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John Deere LA 175 Starting Problem

This is a lawn tractor with a 26 HP Briggs and Stratton engine, model #44P77, type 0122B1, code 080228VG. The battery is new (2 months old); it's reading 12.85 volts. The tractor was starting fine until about a week ago. Now when you turn the key, you get a click and then nothing. I can jump start the engine. Could this be a valve problem? Any analysis and suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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I would start by disconnecting, cleaning, and reconnecting the cables at the battery, ground, and starter. Disconnect the negative cable at the battery first and reconnect it last to avoid sparking while you do the rest of the connections.
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Also, the static voltage of the battery may not tell you if it's good or not. If you try the cable cleanings and it still won't start I'd have the battery tested. Most auto parts stores will check it for free. Just this winter I had a relatively new battery go bad so it can happen. But, check all the cable connections first as it doesn't take much corrosion to stop 12 volts.
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O.K., will do, thanks to both of you for the replies.

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