Lawn Chief Model 60Z 20" 3.5 HP Push Mower


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Lawn Chief Model 60Z 20" 3.5 HP Push Mower

They brought this ole clunker home to me...Ran for about 10 mowings..Got it out to start it one day. Nothing happened. Pulled the plug and cleaned it....Got some emory cloth and hand sanded magneto and all the rust where visible. Took off the fuel tank and flushed it. Put a new plug in it after all the above work. Started it yesterday and ran for about 30-40 minutes. as I was going up a small incline under the tree it just died. I got it back out this evening and started it..Started up three times....died three times. I positioned the choke open with a washer. LAst time it stayed running until I headed up the very slight incline and it died. could be coincidental.. I ain't no lawn mower repair man in any sense of the word. Could use some troubleshooting assistance in this matter. Please & Thanks!!!
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At least 90% of the time it's a fuel issue.
Start with rebuilding the carb.
Using nonethenal fuel will go a long way to prevent fuel issues.
End of the year let it run out of fuel before storing.
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What is the model number for the engine, is it a Tecumseh or Briggs, if it is a briggs the model number is stamped in the engine shroud just above the spark plug it will be xxxxx-xxxx-xx . I forget where the Tec. number is stamped, post as much info as you can and we can fix it. Have a good one. Geo

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