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I have an old Lawn Chief mower (3.5 hp B & S)that was working great and has started coughing a lot. I changed the plug and cleaned the air filter but it still doesn't want to start. I noticed a lot of black on the mower where the air comes out of the muffler. How can I fix it? I'm tired of $75 repair bills to fix $125 mowers.

Thanks -

Joan B.
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Hi: Joan

The black around the muffler is soot. This means the engine is running too rich on the fuel mixture. In this case the exhaust fumes would be black.

If the exhaust fumes are blue, it's oil burning. This may mean the oil level is too high or the engine is too old and oil is getting into the cyclinder. Oil burning on an old engine used on a mower is not worth engine rebuilding.

In regards to black smoke, my guess would be the carb has either been recently adjusted either by the repair shop or another person.

If it was the repair shop, return the mower and request they set the air fuel mixture correctly.

If another person adjusted the carb, that person should return the carb screws back to the orginal settings.

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