Buying a used Super Tomahawk chipper/shredder


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Buying a used Super Tomahawk chipper/shredder

I've located what appears to be a nice used early-mid nineties electric start Super Tomahawk. I was wondering if there is anything I should check or look at when I go to look at it? Any help would be appreciated.

Walter Williamson
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Just my opinion but I don't trust that design. Seems too tall and unstable. I have a MacKissic "Mighty Mac" that is long & low--important when you're trying to feed a long limb the size of your wrist into the chute. If you're looking for a used chipper and have room for a little larger machine, I'd recommend finding a nice MacKissic or Kemp.
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With any chipper shredder I would look inside at the blades and hammers to see if they are in good condition. I would also check to see if they are available as a spare part. I like to have an extra blade so one can be sharpened while the other is on the machine.

I would also rotate the drum to listen and feel the bearings. Does it move smoothly and are the bearings quiet and smooth? Then of course check out the engine to make sure it runs and take a look at the oil.
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I had a MacKissic "Mighty Mac" that was one mean machine, however it didn't like green vines. Have a good one. Geo

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