Snapper SR930 will not start


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Snapper SR930 will not start

Hello! I recently purchased two Snapper riding mowers. The one I plan to use and not scrap is the one I will be discussing SR930 model number 300914BE. After unloading it, I jumped it off with my truck and it ran fine. Pto would not engage. I parked it for the night, did some research and was told to bypass the kill switch mounted to the deck by unplugging it from the motor. I did this. I also had to put the belt back on the rear spindle as it had come off while unloading it. Tried to jump it off and it only turns now, wont start up. Checked for spark, its good. I took air filter off, the flap in the carb opens when on full throttle but doesnt close entirely when the choke is applied I poured a little gas in covered the intake for two seconds while cranking it, still nothing. The motor is a Briggs 400 cc 4 cycle. When I try and crank it some times the belt turns, some times not. The blade engage lever is not engaged though. Thanks in advance!

Edit: Started immediately and motor ran fine when I initially jumped off. It ran out of gas a minute later, I put more in it started right back up.
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Plug the kill switch back in, it started when it was plugged in before. Have a good one. Geo
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Is that the Kohler or Briggs engine ?

In the diagram it looks like the seat switch maintains a connection along with a second switch.
Like Geo mentioned.... it may have to be plugged in to complete the circuit.


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