smoking and blowing oil


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smoking and blowing oil

my son the fireman has a deere z225 i believe is the model. It has an 18.5 B&S engine.It blows oil out the oil filler. I went to this forum and found out this engine has a problem with the head gasket. So I went to the local hardware store and got one that had the number 33 stamped on it. The one I took off had a 31 stamped on it.I followed a guy on youtube on the proper torque pattern and torqued the head to 220 in/lbs. I did not put any sealant like permatex gasket maker on the gasket. Put everything back together,fired it up and got the same results,smoke and crankcase pressure. So I put 130 psi on it and got no pressure from filler except for a slit second as I turned the engine by hand. It was never continuous.I took compression reading and it was 150 psi. The only thing I see different is the gasket width is the surface area is a little wider on the old one. The engine has 600 hrs. on it and runs great and he changes the oil often. Any ideas?
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It's normal... if you remove the oil cap with the engine running, it is going to blow oil out like crazy.

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