Coleman/Powermate Generator with B&S engine - won't start


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Coleman/Powermate Generator with B&S engine - won't start

I've got a generator that is approximately 20 years old with very low hours on it. It has never been stored with gas in it. Pulled it out after a storm last week, gassed it up and it started though it seemed to be running a bit rough and chewing through gas regardless of the load on it. After a couple days of running it now refuses to start, there is a low oil shut off but the oil level is adequate and the unit has been leveled.

The engine is a Briggs and Stratton, 8 HP. Model 194417 - 1129-01

When I open the fuel tank and put on the choke I get a slow drip of fuel off the bottom of the carb asembly. Pulled apart the carb earlier and it looked brand new internally - the brass float does not sound as if it has fuel in it. The float needle had a small bit of build up on it but cleaned right off wiht my fingernail. I was hopeful that was causing the needle to not seat properly...

Put a bit of gas in it and I'm still getting the drip out of the bottom of the carb assembly and no start. Ideas? Thanks in advance!
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How certain are you the leak is at the bottom of the bowl? If you look closely enough you might find the leak is actually higher up and only dripping from the bottom. Also check the oil and see if it smells of gas. If either is the case I would guess the needle and seat are not shutting off fuel flow.
If this has an adjustable jet on the bottom of the carb, there could be a gasket or packing on that jet that could be leaking.
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I'm not at all certain the fuel is coming out of the bottom of the bowl...just that is where I see it coming from. I imagine you're referring to the needle above the float ? There is an adjustable one in the base and I imagine it could leak from there but the fuel has to be getting there somehow...

I'm new at messing with engines so sorry for the lack of detail

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