Simplicity brush mower not working correctly

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Simplicity brush mower not working correctly

I am borrowing my brother-in-law's Simplicity 15HP brush mower. It's been in my barn for several months unused, but when I pulled it out today the self-propelled feature isn't working correctly. I can tell it's trying to work, as the mower does move forward and backward just a little on flat surface, but it has no torque and seems to be slipping (as if on a loose belt) because as soon as theirs a minor bump or hill it can't propel. Even as I went 100 feet or so painfully, it seems to have gotten even worse.

The transaxle is a Peerless H2000-007. The external belt does appear to be connected and spinning fine. When I pull the Forward/Reverse lever on top of the mower, I see it moves the little lever that's connected to the transaxle. The wheels spin (since the mower is up and there's no resistance), but I can literally stop them from spinning just by grabbing and holding the wheel - so there's obviously no power behind it.

I'm not even sure where to start. I'm not even sure how to check fluids on the part since I have no manual and it wasn't obvious. I also have no idea if this could be as simple as a fluid issue...

Here's an exploded view of the part, if that helps...

Thanks for any help!
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Ref 9 the neutral sleeve is probably shot, it is the item that disengages the pump from the transaxle, when you want to move the machine the lever is pulled and it slides to one side, when reengaged it sometimes doesn't seat completely and the pump grinds out a little of the splines, over time the sleeve gets destroyed, check the pics below, one side looks great and the other side is gone, the part is about $15.00. Have a good one. Geo


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