mtd rider mower stalling. 13a1762f729


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mtd rider mower stalling. 13a1762f729

This mower starts and runs well for about 2 min,then the engine dies as if the key was turned off.Background: Several months ago this mower was running poorly and stalling.I checked for voltage at the fuel solenoid and then the solenoid with 12v source. I felt the solenoid wasn't working well so I replaced it.The mower still didn't run well. I installed a rebuild in the carb but I drove in the expansion plug too hard and bound up the thottle plate so the engine wouldn't idle. I replaced the carb. Also I had adjusted the valve lash to .005 both valves.It ran "ok" for a short while but then stopped completely. I couldn't find a problem till I put a spark checker on it and it ran well just by moving the plug wire. I replaced the ignition module( plug wire included).It ran well for a short time and then started the same problem. Any suggestions?
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Usually (from experience) it's something other than what you have been working on. Since it shows a cutoff, probably it's in the kill/safety switches. Could be in the ignition switch, but a large percent of the time it's in the seat safety switch. For that a good try is to work the plunger in/out a few times, then push it in as far as you can and see where you're at. It may have to be tied in with a zip tie.

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