TroyBuilt gas trimmer will not stay running

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TroyBuilt gas trimmer will not stay running

TroyBuilt Gas Trimmer
Model: TB32EC

Have used this already this season so not a matter of stale gas (I would think). Recently had to fill the gas container that I use for this trimmer at the gas station. Prior i had put in the oil mixture in the large gas container so it would mix during the filling of the large container. When I got home I filled the trimmer, let it dry a bit because of spilled gas and attempted to start the trimmer. 4 to 5 pulls in position 1, then same for position 2 on choke as I have always done. However if it does happen to start it only remains running for a few seconds and then stalls out on me. After very many more tries following this procedure the same thing happens. Runs for a while but as soon as i try to depress the trigger to use it it then stalls out on me.

I was thinking maybe I may have added a bit more oil that I should have although I really think i followed the directions on the 2 cycle engine oil bottle but may not have.

The gas tank on the gas trimmer was full so i tipped it over just little so some of the gas would come out and powered some straight gas in the tank. Shook it really well and went through the starting procedures again. Finally got it to run for a little while but then it started to hesitate and stalled out again.

All the other times I used it this past season it started without any problems at all until I put new gas in it. I don't think the gas i bought as any problems as i filled up two other containers, one for my lawn mower and one for my generator and both start and run fine along with my car that I filled up at the same time.

Is it possible I made the gas mixture too rich?

I even tried putting it in position #1 and pulling without holding the gas trigger down to see if maybe i flooded the engine and then went through the starting procedure again. Once again it my start, run for a bit and then when i try pulling the trigger it tries to stall the engine out. So when i do get it started i let it run on idle for about 3 minutes and then try it with the same results; it stalls almost when i pull the trigger, sometimes runs a few seconds but ultimately stalls out.

The idle adjustment has never been touched as it always worked so no need to adjust it.

I also took the gas filter cap off onthe side to be sure nothing was blocking the filter or if it was very dirty which it is not. I keep the equipment indoors so it is not exposed to rains etc. What puzzles me is that before I filled the container with new gas it had some from last winter and that gas container sat out in the snow all winter long (I had put stabilizer in it) and then used it already this season and have had no problems until i put the new gas in.

Help me please, my grass is over my head now and this is getting frustrating Sorry this is so long.

Thank you for your help.

P.S. I know nothing about engines so please use simple language. Thanks
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Try starting it and see if it will rev up better with the choke in position 2. Give it full throttle and work the choke from one to 3 to get the engine revved up and see if whatever is restricting the carburetor sucks through. If not, you might need to open the high speed mixture screw if this has one, and/or clean the carb.
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high speed mixture screw
I have absolutely no idea what this is nor what it looks like.

Clean the carb; ah, what does it look like and how might one go about cleaning it. Like my original post said I know "jack" about engines.

I just had it running nicely for about 20 minutes or so until I quit because the temp is too high outside; will try again later.

Maybe something was clogging the carb and it has passed through. Is it possible though that I may have added more oil than I was supposed to because ever since I added more straight gas to the trimmer tank and shook it it seems to be running a bit better now; that is after spending 10 minutes to get it going running the choke from 1 to 3 and back as you had suggested.

Thanks for your help.
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Dump the fuel out of it and put in the proper mix or you will damage the trimmer, the Troybilt is a low end trimmer and cannot handle much abuse, if the mixture is too lean it will score/scratch the cylinder wall and piston and the trimmer will be trash. Have a good one. Geo
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ok, thanks, will do your suggestion. makes sense.

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