John Deere tractor with Kawasaki engine issue


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John Deere tractor with Kawasaki engine issue

I completed a typical service on a JD GT242 with a Kawasaki FC420V 14 hp engine on 08/12/15. Customer called me last night and said engine was backfiring when it started and not running real well. I picked the mower up this morning and got it in the shop. I checked the spark plug first and it was totally black with carbon. The engine originally had a NGK BPR5ES plug. Not crazy about NGK plugs I put in a Champion RN11YC4. I cleaned and re-gapped the NGK plug re-installed it and the engine started and ran fine with no backfire. I would normally think clogged a/f or carb too rich however the a/f was new and there were no gas fumes or surging with the NGK plug etc. Why do you think the plug fouled so quickly ????
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I delivered the unit to the customer this afternoon. Here is what I think happened. Prior to the service, the engine was hard to start because the choke was not closing all the way. I adjusted the choke cable so that it closed and the engine starts instantly. A young man around 18-20 has been cutting the grass. There are two marks on the throttle lever plus the choke icon. I think the young man had the throttle lever pushed all the way up where the engine was being choked as opposed to the second mark which indicates "run speed". That would have caused a very rich condition and would soot the plug up big time. I went over all this with the young mans father when I dropped it off. He said he would inform the young man. We shall see what happens.
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I just service my own equipment and I always thought NGK plugs were the best but I've gotten some defective ones from them.
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When I'm having issues with an engine and I'm not quite sure what's going on, I pull the plug and look to see if it's an NGK. If so, I replace it and it usually is the problem. They are horrible. They gas foul so easily and cause weird problems. I much prefer the cheapest champion or autolite.

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