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Premix fuel for blower

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08-27-15, 08:21 AM   #1  
Premix fuel for blower

I have a cheap 2 cycle Ryobi gas blower that I bought may be six months ago for I don't remember $119 or $139...

Used in a few times and let it sit for about 2 months of non-use. I started it up and it will start, then I am supposed to switch to "HALF" to restart it, wait 10 seconds and switch to "FULL". It will start in HALF, but when I waited 10 seconds and switch to "FULL" position it will run for another 20 seconds or so and quit.

The fuel I used is the standard unleaded gasoline 1 gallon mixed with that small bottle of stuff that comes with it. Didn't have any problem the first few months.

So I opened the fuel cap, and drained all of the fuel in it. I then bought a can of the PREMIX fuel from the store and poured that in, and it started and worked just fine, switched to FULL and didn't quit anymore.

Why? Is the fuel I mixed gone "stale"? Did I not mix it right? Or the premix stuff is just better?

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08-27-15, 10:00 AM   #2  
Couple of possibilities. The half/full setting is probably the choke. A cold engine requires richer mix to run until it heats up. It's possible or likely that 10 seconds running on half wasn't long enough. Did you try letting it run longer in half position before switching to full?

Another possibility is that it was a little gummed up from sitting and just needed a little run time to clean internal passages.

I've had some trouble with "stale" gas, but more like a year or two stale, not a couple of months.

The main advantage of the premix fuel is that most of it doesn't have alcohol it in, while most unleaded gas now does. Alcohol in the fuel can cause problems with these little engines. I've switched to the pre-mix for these smaller tools and it does seem to have fewer starting/running issues.

You could either stick with the premix or go back to the fuel you mixed and see if it runs ok with it now. In future, you may want to mix a smaller amount of fuel if you know you won't be using the whole gallon in a short time.

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08-27-15, 10:57 AM   #3  
Mixed Fuel

Was the mix ratio the same for the premixed as for the mix you made from gas and oil?

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08-27-15, 11:03 AM   #4  
I make a point to know where pure gas is sold and use it exclusively for my weedeater, blower and chainsaws. Not all 2 stroke motors use the same mixture of gas/oil.

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08-27-15, 12:45 PM   #5  
After re-reading your original post is sounds like the fuel mix was stale. If the original mix had whatever came with the trimmer the oil probably had no stabilizer, you used it for a few months(now the gas is old) then let it set for 2 months(now the gas is real old for lawn equipment). I suggest using 93 octane gas and Stihl oil one gallon at a time, at the end of season dump the remaining fuel in your car/truck. Have a good one. Geo

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