oil in gas


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oil in gas

I have a 24 ton, Yard Machines by MTD log splitter. Bought used a year ago. It worked "fine" 10 months ago.
Has a B&S motor, mod 12R605-0116. Don't know the HP.
Tried to start it and ended up breaking the rewind. Felt like compression would not release. When I took off the rewind, and removed the spark plug, I could turn the wheel by hand. But, gas AND oil came out of the spark plug hole. Also, I had the dip stick out and felt air come out of the dip stick hole. Replaced the pull start and it did the same thing. I am mechanically inclined but don't really know small engines.
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The float is stuck in an open position . . . . for whatever reason; probably too much ethanol in your fuel.

So you've got BOTH . . . . Oil in your Gas AND Gas in your Oil ?
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So, carb rebuild kit, drain and refill gas and oil??
All the gas here in the Piedmont of North Carolina has 10% ethanol. Is that too high?
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Any gas powered tool like that, that only runs a few time a year is going to be trouble.
A few simple things will reduce the issues.
#1, Find a place that sell nonethanol gas, ask at any marina or place that sells power equipment.
#2, Not able to find a place then at least add an additive to counter act the effects of it. Any auto supply, Wal-Mart Hardware store, Lowes, HD all have it.
Install shut off valve is there's not already one on the fuel line and shut it off when your done using it and let the engine die when it runs out of fuel.
Never use old fuel or leave old fuel in the tank for more then 3 months.
10% Ethanol is fine if you fill up the tank and use it all up, leave it in the system and it hardens up the fuel lines, distroys the gaskets, leaves a slimy film in the carb.
I live in a rural area and there's at least 5 places within 10 miles that sell it. One gas station has 2, pumps with it, mainly for all the boats filling up.
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Originally Posted by notthedog
". . . So, carb rebuild kit, drain and refill gas and oil?? . . ."
Because I'm lazy, and because your unit is so new, I'd just start out with replacing the fluids, and probably just cleaning the fuel bowl/float chamber (including float needle and seat) and see if that works for now. Your own evaluation of the fuel bowl will give you insight into how much additional deposit and/or deterioration you might have to deal with.

Joecaption's suggestion of installing a fuel shut-off valve will help guarantee that you won't have the same problem again (if you remember to shut the fuel off).
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In total agreement on the ethanol gas. You gave info on the engine good deal.

#1 You bought it used
#2 you let it set a good while
#3 yes get a shut off

Ok used is good in a way. Your engine is a vertical shaft. Sometimes a used mower will seep oil from the base into the cylinder. That is not the normal thing but is does happen. That's a possible reason why you had oil come out the plug hole.

Take plug out and crank a lot to clean cyl out.
Put new plug in.
Take bowl off of carb and clean the nut/ jet holes. Put bowl back on.
If problem persists then you might have a blown head gasket and oil is getting in the cyl.

Does it smoke ?

The reason you broke the rope is cause you were locked up worser than me eating 15 day old Collard greens LOL !!!
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I agree. Non-ethanol fuel is almost impossible to find around here and it's fine as long as you are using the machine regularly. Toward the end of the season I swing by the airport and get a few gallons of 100LL (100 low lead) aviation gas and use it in my gas powered tools. It's expensive but it contains no alcohol and it's very highly refined and can sit a long time without producing varnish or gumming up a carburetor.

Never put 100LL in a fuel injected engine or a vehicle that has a catalytic converter. The lead quickly kills oxygen sensors and plugs up catalytic converters.
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No smoke. And, I will take your word on the Collards.
New plug
Clean carb
New gas with additive
New oil

Thanks all. I will let you know.

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Did you get it started ? What is it doing or not doing ?

You do have over head valves right ?
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Have a log slitter and the only way I can get it running after it sits is drain float bowl, I have gotten to the point of draining tank and float before i let it sit.even when using Non-ethanol gas. Don't know why but always gets water in tank and carb. Weather machine is covered or not.
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Pugs what model and type engine you have ?
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Never started. I got pulled to work on wife's mower. That's a whole other thread.
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Boudreaux, yes, it has OHV.
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If it was running when you stopped using it last year it should run now.
You will probably have to rebuild the carb but first let see if we can get it running, everyone is too concerned with the ethanol. First install a shutoff in the fuel line $5 at any autoparts store, change the oil, remove the carb bowl, turn the shutoff valve on to see the fuel flow to the bowl, now lift the float with little pressure to see if it shuts off the fuel flow(use very little pressure, the rising fuel in the bowl isn't very strong), if the fuel doesn't stop you must rebuild the carb and replace the needle and seat. Shut off the fuel. OK, "it shut off the fuel", this could indicate the float is leaking, if the float looks distorted or obvious holes it will need to be replaced. For now, "looks ok", the bowl nut is the main jet on this carb it has a hole down the center and one across the bottom, make sure it is clean re-assemble, be careful not to destroy the bowl gasket, turn on the fuel and see if it will start. Report back and we will go from there. Have a good one. Geo

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