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Hi Tom,

Recall that we discussed my newfound Little Wonder Gas Edger with a B&S 3.5 HP engine that I "recycled" from a neighbor. Different neighbor than the lawn mower and the Toro power shovel, both of which I fixed .

What areas should I look at for the oil leak? The best way I can describe it is that the oil is leaking from the fins in the cylinder head area. When I got the unit it had very little oil in it. I was pretty sure I did not overfill it, but I will change the oil again as a matter of course this coming season because I always change the oil in my equipment at least once a year before the season starts.

What trouble spots should I look at in this case? What are the likely causes of a leak like this?

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Hello: Joe

Chances are good the engine may have overheated do to a lack of oil in the crankcase. If so, the head could be warped.

You could try replacing the head gasket. But first, try carefully retorquing the head bolts. You will not need a torque wrench if you do this carefully. Just do not tighten anyone of them all the way down until you have done each equally. Same as auto wheel lug nuts.

If this fails to stop the oil leaking from the head, replace the head gasket.

What you see may not be just oil. It is most likely soot/carbon from combustion. If so, the engine is burning oil in the cyclinder. The head gasket could be allowing some of it to escape out the sides of the head.

Another possibility is there could be an oil leak from a worn or defective oil seal under the fan cover. The air flow may be carrying it out with the cooling air.

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Thanks Tom. Will try that and see if it rectifies the situation. Perhaps it will.

It does run a little choppy. Perhaps it is leaking compression.

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