Echo trimmer/brush cutter


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Echo trimmer/brush cutter

I have an SRM-2110. It's about 15 years old and recently began running poorly. It had no power and wouldn't idle. I took the carb apart and cleaned it. I replaced the vent, fuel filter and primer bulb. Cleaned the spark plug and none of this changed it. So I took the head off and found that there was a lot of resistance when I pulled the head off the piston. There was not bad scratches on the piston or the cylinder wall. But the ring was stuck due to carbon build up. I bought a new ring and gasket set. Removed the old ring and cleaned the carbon from the groove. Reassembled it with the new ring and it cranks good as though it has good compression. I adjusted the fast and slow idle screws according to the manual. When I pump the bulb it doesn't seem to fill like it use to. The only way I can get it to start (just like before the overhaul) is by choking it and then holding the throttle full open. It runs until I release the throttle and then stalls. When I try to cut the grass with it it bogs down just like before. (no power under load). One thing I noticed is when I remove the return line from the carb is squirts a little fuel unless I have the fuel cap loose. I overhauled my PB-1000 at the same time and it's doing just fine.
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The primer should pull fuel from the tank through the carb, filling the reservoir inside the carb and returning the fuel to the tank. This purges the air from the fuel system. Your line routing should make this work.

The venting on the fuel cap is more or less one way with air coming into the tank to replace fuel being used by the engine. A lot of time those are duckbill affairs. If there's a little pressure build up it's not a problem.

If the primer isn't working right and the lines are routed correctly you may have used the wrong diaphragm in the carb. There's usually a couple of different ones in the kit.

It sounds like the problem, since it hasn't improved with the carb kit/cleaning is there is a blockage in the carb that didn't come clean with the overhaul.

The choke circuit works along side of the running circuit - it sounds like one works and the other doesn't = a blockage in the running of some sort
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Check the exhaust port, the spark arrestor could be clogged with carbon. Have a good one. Geo

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