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Poulan Pro 5020AV - won't go full throttle - bogs - idles for 10sec then dies

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09-01-15, 03:10 PM   #1  
Poulan Pro 5020AV - won't go full throttle - bogs - idles for 10sec then dies

Hi, I was having a problem with my Poulan. I did the obligatory google search, and found an old thread here which discussed the myriad of problems that befall such a chainsaw. I do get irked that on a do it yourself website, folks tell other folks to take it in to a shop. What is the point of having a website called do it yourself?
This is the closed thread:


Anyways, I did spend a few hours dissembling chainsaw, cleaning, looking for clues. I figured it had to be carb. I've never adjusted it since new, albeit, I've flogged it to make some dough...100 cords or so...
For a few minutes I was sure it was the vent cap, as the thing would start, bog on full throttle, then die. I then went to the Zama site (link supplied was dead)...here is the working link:
Zama - How to Adjust Typical Diaphragm Carburetors
I followed their instructions...clockwise to seat H and L screw (don't overdo it), then CC 2 full turns. I also turned idle screw all the way in, and then did 2 full CC turns on it too (not supposed to in instructions). The H and L screws are a pain, as they require a special tool, which I had no inclination to buy, nor wait for delivery (windstorm cleanup required immediate use). I used a large set of needle nose pliers, and tried to avoid wrecking splines on screw as I screwed them in and out. I removed the pull start housing for easier access.
Once back to together, I fired it up...unbelievable! Thing started on first pull. I then quickly backed out idle screw (CC) to get a nice idle (wait till it gets warm before this step). Other than it idling again without dying, the throttle response it amazing. It is like I got a new chainsaw.

The reason I posted this, is because I watched several youtube vids for poulan chainsaws, and they focused on L screw. I tried what they had in mind, and my machine still had the problem.

The only issue is if you have a Poulan with the Wabro carb...then you'll have to go to the Wabro site.

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09-11-15, 02:45 PM   #2  
With the carbs that have the needles that require the spline tool (which seems to be all, EPA mandate maybe?), I started to take my Dremel tool and use a thin cutting disc to make a slot to use a straight bladed screwdriver. I've done it to probably five or six small two stroke motors with out problems. I've been down the needle nose plier route, what a PIA! Other than buying the proper tool the dremel way makes tuning a breeze. Ive also heard of people using 1/4" copper tubing pressed on to the splines as a makeshift adjustment tool.

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09-11-15, 04:22 PM   #3  
Another work around. Have a good one. Geo

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09-11-15, 04:46 PM   #4  
Another good adjustment tool is the barrel from a stick pen. They come in all different diameters. Pull out the point/ink cartridge and discard.

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~ Pete ~

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09-18-15, 10:59 PM   #5  
Thanks Barthchris, Geogrubb, PJMax...all great ideas. I don't want to mess with setup right now, but down the road I'm sure I will. Yeah, using those needle nose pliers was a pain...had to remove pull cord housing to get enough room to operate, which meant I couldn't easily check if I had adjusted it properly. I have a dremel...will do that after trying pen and female disconnect. Not sure those will have enough grip, since I'm sure I messed the splines.

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10-01-15, 02:54 PM   #6  
The Dremel idea was perfect, and quite easy (thanks Barthchris!).
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Easy peasy...

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