Help with generator plz


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Help with generator plz

So I found a generator that didn't run. I got it running really easy and found out it had no power going out so I did research and found out that they can go flat and u have to field flash them every now and then. So I reflashed it with a drill first and it worked but ones I shut the generator off and restarted it it had no power again. So I did it all again and nothing after it was off again. So I reflashed it again using a cord plug in and female end cut off and hooked to a 12v car battery and it worked till shut down. So now I have no clue were to look and could use help. It's a older multiquip 3600 .
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Once you get it charging, you need to run it with a good load on it for a few minutes. At least this has worked well for me - good luck
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Running without a load means the generator doesn't have to work very hard with little magnetism. You want to create a strong magnetic flux to "set" the iron in the generators core so it will retain some residual magnetism when it's off. I plug in quartz lights (most are good for 500 watts each), space heaters, shop vac and anything else that draws a lot of current. Really make the generator lug. It will be good for the generator and a good test of your carburetor cleaning to make sure the engine can run under a full load.

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