Troy Bilt TB22 EC with Ugly Head attachment Keeps falling off


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Troy Bilt TB22 EC with Ugly Head attachment Keeps falling off

I have been using my TB22 EC for about 1.5 years now with the ugly head attachment and it has worked flawlessly with no problems. The other day Im edging some planters and it just falls off. I pick it up, inspect it, have no idea what to look for, slide it back on, press firmly till it locks in place, fire it back up. It works again for about 20 seconds and then falls off again, this time taking the long wirey bar with it. Put it back together, fire it up, same thing in about 20 seconds. I can not figure out how to reattach it, how to keep it locked in place or anything.

(I took the debri guard off to inspect every part of that area. Now its really loose and also wont go back in. I need to find another one of those metal "Plugs? Studs?")

I would like to just replace the whole head unit but don't know what to order from troy bilt as it wasn't on their parts list.
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If the flex cable came out, that means the aftermarket head has wobbled around enough to ruin the bearing or bushing in the end of the tube. From the sound of it, you're going to need to replace the entire shaft.
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Isn't there a screw that goes in the unit and into the hole in pic #2. Have a good one. Geo

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